Monday, February 15, 2016

Like Rose-petal Wine

First thank you all for your thoughts, wishes and prayers! I'm feeling better. It is going to take a few days to get back strength after living on tea, gingerale and sleep for a while. Not sure what I had but I am sure I never want it again. Emily tells me I had a real flu for the first time in my life. It does one good to lie there and remember those who are sick and whose mattress is a sidewalk or a silent, forgotten place and who have no loved ones to wish them well. 
Here in Ontario it is Family Day. I hope we re-acquaint ourselves with this beautiful blessing because nothing stays the same for long!

Highlights fade
Replaced, Betrayed
The plans we make or made Resign
To highs and lows
Doors gape then close
What comes soon goes; rose-petal wine

Days depart
And fill the heart
With art that thought alone recalls
Still, we admit
We cannot fit
The half of it upon heart-walls

Triumph, despair
Breathes the same air
This thoroughfare of tempering
Will soon unfold
New over old
Tis well to hold, futile to cling

Laugh, love, dance
This same romance
With circumstance ushers in tears
Where the carafe
Of all we have
Vaults like a wave then disappears

© Janet Martin


  1. Family Day? That is so cool. I am so sorry you were so under the weather. Glad you are on the mend!

    Rose petal wine is a real thing? I am intrigued! Beautiful poem. You haven't lost your touch!

    1. Rose-petal wine is the vintage of memories:) Thank-you for your wishes.
      Family Day started here when a candidate in a provincial election promised if he wins he will give February a statutory holiday where everyone is to spend time with their families. It sounded honorable and he got elected. For better or worse, now we have it. Actually, my kids think it is only Ontario and B.C. that celebrate Family Day.

  2. How sad and beautiful, Janet. So many lovely lines -- hard to choose one favorite.

    Sounds like you've had the real thing. I hate getting flu. It just knocks you out. Rest, ginger ale and patience -- not much else you can do :)

    Take it easy, hugs,

    1. Thank-you Sasha, i have no choice but to take it easy. I get the shakes as soon as I am up and about too long. Makes one genuinely, humbly thankful for the gift of health! It is FREEZING here today so a good day to read, write, relax and enjoy the family:)

  3. Love the idea of rose petal wine.. I hope you are feeling stronger each day, and hopefully no one else has gotten it..Did you have a cold as well? I seem to have another one:( Well I'm off to a craft day...Hope you have a good rest of your week.

    1. thank-you:) each day is a little better! so far no one else here has it. the dad i babysit for does though.

      Sometimes I feel like I walk on hour-petals, you know? ...the bloom scatters beneath our feet, we trample it into wine:)

      (I thought I was getting a cold but it seems to be leaving with the flu...) feel better! We just are not quite as young and virile as we once were or still imagine ourselves to be;-))


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