Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lavish Life with Love

'Why do you journal?' he asked.
'Because it all goes by so fast and this life deserves to be remembered', she replied
(also a line from Larkrise to Candleford)
See below for more lines gleaned from this show

It all goes by so fast
Each hour-bud to bloom
Is soon unfurled into the world
Seeds scattered on time’s tomb

It all goes by so fast
Time’s bleeding, pleading haste
Is like a glove of laugh-weep-love
Teasing our touch and taste

It all goes by so fast
Each lesson we must learn
Of gold and gray soon slips away
Sealed in Past’s iron urn

The hours fly so fast
Pray tell, what can we do?
Ah, simply this;
Slow down
Lavish them
With I love you,
I love you, I love you

© Janet Martin

Here are a few of my favorite lines snared from the BBC series
Larkrise to Candleford

Everyone's happiness is fragile;
All expectation can be dashed

Whatever goes on in that heart of ours
Should never affect our work

When a child is trying to become an adult
we call it the 'awkward age'.
But perhaps that awkward age never ends...
Perhaps we are all still children
trying to become adults

We do not need to fear change,
but neither do we need to be at the mercy of it

Our own consciences can torment us more
than the attack of others

These are night-thoughts.
The day will wash them away...

Holding resentment is like drinking poison
and waiting for the other person to die

We become who we ought to be
when we are driven by the needs of others

Isn't this how life works?
We take turns saving one another.

Poverty is no disgrace,
but only a fool would choose it.

We are all waiting,
but what comes along is usually not what we are waiting for.


  1. "Holding resentment..." Sad, but true. I liked this quote so much that I emailed it to two of my sisters. The word forgiveness in Scripture literally means "letting go". Good for the body. Better for the soul. Imperative if we enjoy the forgiveness of Christ.

    Wasn't Larkrise to Candleford a good story? I could do with some more of those.

    1. In the grace study I'm in, forgiveness is discussed from every angle. yes. it is a letting go by the power of God's grace!(that 'holding resentment' quote was one of the first quotes I wrote down. After that I never watched without pen and paper within reach:)

      I really like this story. Sure do wish for more shows with this caliber of writing and good story lines that ordinary people can relate to.

  2. I love those quotes and agree on the holding resentment one..I've heard it before and every time I do it is powerful.
    Hope you had a good day!

  3. Hi Janet!

    I know you've been under the weather (your current post) and I hope you're feeling better on this very cold, Valentine's Day 2016, but I wanted to read one of your lovely poems for inspiration, and I'm so glad I did! Couldn't agree with you more, life is short; we must cherish every single second, appreciate what and who we are, and look forward, with hope, a positive attitude and prayer.

    Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!

    P.S.: Stay warm and keep sipping on tea and honey!

    1. Poppy, Thank YOU so much for the encouragement and inspiration. I'm living on tea and trying to get better because we are due to head into TO in a few hours for our annual dinner-date with friends at Zorro's!

      Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.


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