Thursday, February 25, 2016

It's The Memories That Make It...Worth It All

It’s the thought of bloom-bathed meadows
It’s the memory of mist
Unfurling a purple mantle
Over morning’s dust-dew kissed
It’s the prospect of long picnics
Where leaf-lyrics lilt and sigh
As the poet and the dreamer
Traverse a blue, boundless sky
It’s the barefoot way of being
It’s the carefree flower fray
It’s the babble of brooks beaming
To an ocean far away
It’s the garden full of gladness
It’s the hum of honey bee
It’s the treasure of an hour
Gold, like slow-poured lemon tea
It’s the lazy, hazy landscape
Where life’s sweetest footsteps fall
It’s the murmur of spent summers
That makes winter worth it all

© Janet Martin

I have the commercial for Massel's Marine in New Hamburg 
to thank for this one:) 
They use the line 'this makes winter worth it all'

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