Friday, February 26, 2016

Free For The Looking~

Is there anything more dazzling than a sun-splashed ice-ensconced world?! 

(I know, this is kinda like looking at someone else's vacation pics after a while...
very nice but never quite like being there:-)

I feel like we were treated to a from-God-vacation to ice-land.

Melissa (daughter) is going to Iceland at the end of May. 
I just messaged her to tell her if she wants to save money she could come home right now!
(I don't think she will think my joke is very funny;-)

Before our our eyes,
Beneath our feet,
Above our heads
 What joy God took
In spreading out a paradise
Free for the taking
If we simply...

© Janet Martin

Because this ice-storm passed without the headaches of downed hydro-wires, we could simply sit back and enjoy each 'Oh-Lord-my God-when-I-in-awesome-wonder moment!


  1. I don't know how you do it, but these photos are three-dimensional.
    Thank you, Janet. Did you have your skates on when taking pictures? :)

  2. :) I wish!!!
    Oh Sasha, it was SO much fun these past few days. I think I took over 500 photos. Every which way I turned another WOW! begged to be 'clicked' into my memory-book. The three above the poem I took just before supper as I made a quick dash to the grocery store in a nearby town. I was not the only one pulling over to get their cameras out. The sun was on the verge of being swallowed by a cloud bank and seemed to amplify its rays! Words cannot describe the dazzle-wonder!

    1. The very top one's my favorite; composition, perspective, everything down to the last footprint -- just perfect.
      Thank you so much for sharing, Janet.

    2. :) you're welcome. I like that one too. I am uneducated in photography, but Melissa gave me a few tips that she learned in school so I'm trying to apply that.

    3. ...also, I moved all my ice-photos to one folder! not quite as many as I first supposed....phew!!!only 400:)

  3. Wow! This reminds me of an ice storm we had in my neck of the woods (Southeast Texas!) in March a couple of years ago. We may have spring temps now, but we never now what next week will bring.

    1. I think we had that ice-storm too! It was extremely wide-spread and quite terrifying. Our trees are still very scarred from that storm. Almost every tree-top is broken or mangled. That time our hydro was out for days! This one was simply for decoration so everyone was oohing and aahing!

    2. Something is weird though because before two or three years ago when we had two serious ones I couldn't remember an ice-storm.

  4. And as lovely as these photos are (the first one is my favorite too), I know that they cannot be compared to the actual experience. At the same time, isn't it fantastic that we can take pictures that will transport us back to the moment? Yours transported me to some of my own memories. Sigh. I do so love an ice storm, especially one that leaves no damage in its wake.

    1. me too!! and you said it,'there is nothing quite like being there. One simply cannot capture the full dazzle effect,Still we try and oh what delicious sighs looking at our attempts evokes! This one was pure enjoyment!


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