Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Before Never Again...

While the sun races clear across the sky
Chasing daylight into dusk’s lullaby
We should at the very least try to try
To make a beautiful mem’ry because
Then ever after, whatever befalls
Nothing can alter that which thought recalls
Where moments meld into mute madrigals
Etched into echoes; this day that once was

© Janet Martin

What began as a gray, rainy day turned into record-shattering sunny temperatures.
Victoria and I LOVE thrift-store shopping so while it was gray we headed out...

and what a fun-find time we had! After we were shopped out we stopped at our favorite coffee spot, Tim Horton's and were happily surprised to find out R-r-r-r-roll up the rim (a little Canadian winter-perk)starts today! Victoria rolled up a 'win a coffee' (or hot beverage of choice)!
...then the sun came out and suddenly we felt like going home.
We o-o-o-o-hed and a-a-a-a-hed and clicked sky pics all the way home...
It's true, what Cyndy said here
When we got home we unloaded our goodies...
Oh! What goodies, you ask?
Here, let me show you...a 12 for a buck VHS sale allowed us these finds
next, we checked out books, and home decor
...and more books,

...and baskets...
...and home decor
Next, I read the book below from cover to cover in the sun on the back deck BECAUSE!!!!
picnics are one of my top ten favorite things in the world! 
and the writings, recipes and pics in this book are stellar!
(and because a day like today in the middle of winter needs to be spent out-doors!)
...then finished the afternoon with a first-time-ever-in-my-life February bike ride!
Today it was 14C/57F
By the way, did you notice that big, glossy gardening book?
W-A-A-Y-Y-Y too much good stuff in it to share in this post;-) That book and the picnic book where the 'finds' of the day! 
And the best part?
Our purchases helped fund the new local hospital,
where proceeds from this thrift-store's monies go (insert yippee:)

I like the poem today wrote;-)
(see previous post)


  1. Yes, some of life's finest moments for sure! Sommer was biking too..glad you could get out in it...Can you believe the buses were cancelled here yesterday???!!

    1. Wow! I did not hear that. was it foggy there? that might explain the pockets of mist still filling dips and dells, as we drove to Fergus. I clicked almost 100 pics (not nearly all keepers;)on my way there and back. Victoria was worried i might get pulled over for distracted driving. yes, good times but today its back to business...I think:) Like the business of arranging purchases and starting to read the Garden Book!

  2. What a wonderful day you two had! Thank you for sharing :)


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