Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Always on the Verge of Ever-cast

 I felt it as Victoria and I poured mint-lemon tea and snuggled to watch an episode of Larkrise to Candleford...

Always on the verge
Of a fresh-turned leaf
Joy is life’s sweet, lithesome splurge
And its flip-side, grief

Time has testing ways
What we thought we knew
Changes as the reach of days
Runs us through and through

Then, when we look back
After the Before
We revere the lilting laughter
Of its moments more

…where the days of life
Winnows as we gain
New appreciation for
Things words can’t explain

© Janet Martin 

I feel it where four goodnight hugs has dwindled to one, 
where times when we are all together are rarer now, and thus bittersweet.
I feel it as I look up to meet the gaze of a son, not quite eighteen,
As the faces of ourselves and friends begin to wear life's deeper love-lines.
I feel it in the way a morning turns into evening far too fast
and lights turn out save for the moon
as another day is Ever-cast...

We are enjoying some fabulous moon-rises this week!

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