Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Wantful Satisfaction

I want just enough discontentment
To keep me reaching for stars
 I want a few vegetables for soup
And to thrill when dawn spills refilled jars

I want a garden for learning
Lessons from flower and weed
I want to dare to share recklessly
When I have more than I need

I want a wish never granted
Lest I relinquish meek trust
I want to be girl-enchanted
As I splash barefoot through dust

I want to be love-smitten
By a white world pearled with rain
I want to wander its woods and hills
Again and again and again

I want slow-cooked porridge for breakfast
Vacation in a cup of tea
I want to travel the world in books
Sail on a paper-bound sea

I want to dream without borders
I want to fly without wings
I want to dance with the wind as it sweeps
Over phantom violins

I want no fear-fraught misgiving
…when death summons my final quest
I want to say life was worth living
And that I gave it my best

I want to hear heaven’s harps playing
As my bumbling footsteps fade
And then, to leave for those behind
A beautiful memory made

© Janet Martin

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