Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Little Life Lesson

I have not played this song in a's a simple love song about love's simple things

What matters most is not the boast
Of things or success we have proved
But in the end we must contend
With just one thing; how have we loved?

What good is this; the stone-cold kiss
Of gold and all that it may boast?
It’s not in ‘stuff’ of rust and fluff
But how we love that matters most

Let me be frank, we cannot thank
Or dance in arms of boast’s success
It is quite clear and simple, dear
To love is to find happiness


© Janet Martin


  1. My husband and I have just finished watching the docudrama about Bernie Madoff. Your line: "stone-cold kiss of gold..." seems especially appropriate at the moment.

    1. I will need to check that out! Secret? a teensy-weensy bit of that line's inspiration came from listening to Donald Trump...


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