Monday, September 14, 2015

Would We Do Any Better Then?

 It's a good book, said the man next to me as if he sensed my 'should-I-take-it-or-leave-it' contemplation...
Oh, yes it was! 
This past week presented me with much waiting reading-time while waiting to pick up my daughter at basket-ball try-outs, for hubby at Dr. appointment, or while he cleaned out the trailer yesterday before we visited his mother...a good book allows these times to crawl, fly by;0)

The Tin Flute is one of those books where I could easily have highlighted pages at a time; a book that evokes in the reader a kinship with the humanness of us all...

My love, if truth were not withheld

And touch would melt this wall of skin

Exposing that want-world within

Where prayer and people-passions meld

Eye-witness with unspoken things

And all those words we cannot find

Would leave the hideout of the mind

To spell with sight its beckoning

Then tell me love, if we could trace

The hunger-pangs of heart and soul

That it seems nothing can console

And disappointed love would face

The truth, withheld in walls within

Where chasms gape between the hearts

Of very hands we hold, thought’s parts

Inept to penetrate this skin

Would we do any better then

If we could see, or would the years

Of practicing dry, silent tears

Beg for these walls of skin again?

© Janet Martin


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