Thursday, September 17, 2015

When I Look Back

I’d like to live from day to day
And spend its gift in such a way
So that when I look back I’ll say
I had the life I wanted
I’d like to be aware of this;
That Time for all its kick and kiss
Does not veer from the Now that Is
And oft I take for granted

I’d like to see when I look back
Not fantasies these hours lack
But joy on joy on joy; a stack
Reaching to Heaven’s border
Thus I would like the eyes to see
That which is right in front of me
To make it all that it can be
Of tick-tock’s law and order

I’d like think when I am old
And I look back on moment-gold
That I had more than I could hold
Of common taking-giving
Then when I lay me down to rest
And I have filled time’s last request
I’d like to think I did my best
And life was worth the living

© Janet Martin


  1. This is a common prayer of mine. "Thus I would like the eyes to see, That which is right in front of me." I would only add...and to see God's hand in the shaping of it.


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