Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Life We Live...

The new bus-driver went z-o-o-o-o-ming by our lane this morning. Matt thought it very entertaining to watch her reversing from afar... 'please make it easy for her and run up to the next lane'! I begged, Imagine she's your mother and be nice!! 
They laughed, then up to the next lane:)

It’s not the color of the sky
That makes our day; it’s not the why
Of hours rendered to our hold
Or whether we are young or old
Or where we live or what we eat
That makes our lives bitter or sweet
But this; no matter who we are
Or what we do, time tips its jar
…and thus, in the response we give
Becomes for us the life we live

© Janet Martin


  1. Omigoodness - schoolbus memories - takes me way back!
    I'm sure you experienced a sweet mother moment when, after they laughed, they actually heeded your kind words. :-)

    1. :) yes. it was a nice moment. and speaking of school-bus memories, I think Mom's frantic 'hurry' will be forever chiseled in their echoes.
      This morning I began to tell them to hurry then Victoria heard me say to myself, 'no, no, this year I am NOT doing this' She said, Mom, you know you're going to, so just say it!!

      good times:)


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