Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Beautiful Blessing of Friends...

They help us to handle
Whatever life sends
A flesh-and-blood candle
We simply call Friends

How sad would be sorrow
How biting its tear
How dreary tomorrow
Without friends to cheer

They gladden Time’s ages
Peasants feel like kings
As friends smooth the pages
Of trouble life brings

Friends fill heart-shaped fountains
That swell with pure laughter
Friends ring out the joy-bells
Hung from Heaven's rafter

How harsh would be heartache
How colder the cold
If there was no handshake
Of friendship to hold

They keen with compassion
Whatever life sends
This beautiful blessing
We simply call Friends

© Janet Martin

Who’s that? asked the little guy I babysit, as I waved at a lady walking her dog. Oh, that’s my friend, I replied and found myself slowly cherishing the word ‘friend’ and how little the word of the largeness it holds.... We were in a nearby town to pick up some ingredients to make a birthday supper tonight for another friend.

   Friend is a small 
   word with a big

Some friends we meet on a regular basis
Others are friends met through words, not faces
But no matter how or where we 'meetest'
Of all of life's blessings
friendship is sweetest .

Thank-you to all my friends who pause on this porch.
Blessings to you and yours.



  1. I wish you lived next door, so we can brew a nice pot of tea to talk over every now and then :-)

    1. ...and the tea would get cold because we would be so busy talking!!


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