Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September's Farewell Tour

On once-upon-a-time’s green hills
She lays an umber shroud

She wanders through bloom-spangled rills
And cross-hatches faint cloud

She climbs through gates, splays shadow-mates
On canvases of grass

With cinnamon and garnet shades
She gilds leafed overpass

She lingers in the tangled nook
Of sweet vermilion streams

She tarries where summer forsook
The brook where drifters dream

She dawdles in the purple dell
And decorates earth’s halls

With remnants of a fairer shell
That fell from summer’s walls

She touches orchards with a frond
Dipped in nature’s best red

She shushes thread-bare vagabonds
And tucks them into bed

Soft-slow she gathers up her gown
A strange, majestic train

Of leaf-shaped echoes drifting down
To we who yet remain

© Janet Martin


  1. I'm always taken with your rich and vibrant vocabulary. Poetry rolls from every line and word. And your September farewell catches my imagination with words like cinnamon and garnet, and phrases like leaf-shaped echoes.



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