Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday Afternoon

It smiles and beams like a grand prize waiting to be taken
Today the foothills of its skies with pewter rains are shaken
But still, its tea and cookies and a sun that will shine soon  
For nothing dampens spirits on a Saturday afternoon

Somehow its isle seems kinder and its troubles light of heart
And we are drawn toward each other instead of apart
The bond of duty eases and we sing a little tune
Where simple beauty pleases us on Saturday afternoon

Old books are new in younger hands that hunger for lost charm
The taste of words turned slowly on the tongue are sweet and warm
The air is like an apple pie, the hour like a spoon
And everyone is hungry on a Saturday afternoon

Its shops are full of stragglers with a carefree hour to spend
And though we’ve never met before we greet as friend to friend
For there is something different about this weekly boon
And no one is a stranger on a Saturday afternoon

No matter what’s behind us and no matter what’s in store
Today is a tea-kettle with an afternoon to pour
So take that cup and lift it up, then sip or slurp, for soon
Twilight will draw its shutters to this Saturday afternoon

© Janet Martin

I wrote the first line in my mind when the afternoon began... we decided to toss to-do lists and Victoria and I had a Saturday afternoon excursion to our favorite thrift store to hunt for treasure-aka old books;-)
If the book talks to me on the first page its mine!
(my dilemma; which one do I read first?!:)


  1. Some really nice lines and images in this poem. I'm sure I will be quoting some of them. I enjoy reading "Rainy Rainy Saturday", a book of children's poetry by Jack Prelutsky, to my grandchildren. It is a book about magic jelly beans, coloring, spaghetti, chocolate milk, whistling and making a mess of fudge with Father. It is a good book for Saturdays.

    1. oh, that sounds like a yummy Saturday book. Yesterday evening after a very busy outdoor day, mine was The House at Pooh Corner. I read a snippet to hubby and told him I'm so happy no one is ever too old for Pooh. A.A. Milne's writing style is like no other writer i have met.


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