Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Good Night...


(I had to think of the Waltons tonight as 'goodnights' were exchanged:)

Night always overtakes the day and turns the page of time
It tucks the darkness like a blanket over croft and clime
It softens its appointments, snuffs toil’s menial siren cry
As arms become a cradle and wind-song a lullaby

Goodnight, sleep tight, I love you’, and ‘I love you too, my dear’
Then one by one the windows that were yellow disappear
And all is still and silent save the cricket-choir’s tune
As minstrels of September serenade the stars and moon

Night brushes from the calendar another day that was
It dips the sky in diamonds, frees the hour of its cause
And washes in around us like a black and velvet sea
Night overtakes the day and renders it to history

© Janet Martin

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