Friday, September 25, 2015

Mastering Marriage (A re-run:)

In the on-going art of learning to co-exist I have learned that hubby will hang his hat where-so-ever he pleases, and he will ever-so-thoroughly enjoy every evil eye I toss his way as I return it to the hooks inside the door intended for...HATS!

Love’s culmination of differences
Must learn to co-exist
Its Mr.’s and its Mrs.’s
Experiments of risk
Back when we knew it all; naive
To all we didn’t know
It was so easy to believe
In what we thought was so
But Time rolls out its welcome mat
Where love cannot pretend
So love becomes an acrobat
Learning to stretch and bend
And love becomes forgetful
For how else can it usurp
With heavy heart and head full
Of its insult and its hurt?
Back on youth’s dream-paved Easy streets
Answers exceeded years
Before we bore selfish defeats
And wore a lover’s tears
Before we understood that we
Will never understand
Each other quite as perfectly
As once, perhaps, we planned
…so love culminates differences
And learns to co-exist
Its Mr.’s and its Mrs.’s
Willing to take its risk

© Janet Martin

Happy 52nd Anniversary to my parents.
Happy Wedding Day to my nephew!

Here comes the bride
All starry-eyed
Oh, pray God spills time's jars
In many
years of happiness
And never snuffs love's stars


  1. Janet, I smiled reading this because that hat hung or dropped anywhere except where it's supposed to go is daily familiar to me! It's almost like a game, where shall I drop it next? Oh, yes, I'll put it on the table that has just been polished and is clutter free.

    So easy for me to make a mountain out of a molehill at the sight of that, but what then of MY things do I see? Papers and books not returned to the proper place. A pair of house slippers left by my chair...

    Happy Anniversary to your parents! We will soon be celebrating 54.


    1. Oh, I am laughing! Maybe I should start photographing where I kick off my shoes! Thank-you for this and Happy 54!! We are at 27:)

  2. I could tell you a lot about hanging caps. My husband seems to collect them, from every place on earth, more than once. Last count I made, on a whim, was a few years ago. He's acquired many since that time and at that time there were 80-something within the walls of my home. That's not counting what is in a box in the storage unit. I give up!

    1. oh wow! Well, this has been refreshing to know that there are others who can empathize. Maybe for fun i should do a home is where you hang your hat post and ask others who can relate to link their posts to it:)

      I'm not sure how to do that but it would be fun;-()

    2. p.s. Also, I know we don't have 80!That's a lot of hats!!!
      I had a chuckle about this, ' from every place on earth, more than once':)


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