Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Love's Sense of Humour

 I often find myself using the first two lines in this song;
"I don't mind the thought of growing old,
I just don't want to lose my sense of humor"
(because He's and She's seem to retain ageless quirks and quaint idiosyncrasies;-))

This bowing and curtsying cuddle and fuss
First started by He and She and Her and Him
Vexes, befuddles and oh, muddles us
Perplexing word’s wittiest acronym

These Habits of Him and These Fancies of Her
Startles the finest of Mr. and Miss
Time's silly, common strangeness of humor
Is sometimes a sucker-punch, sometimes a kiss

Kindly distract Her, kind sir, with your laughter
Blindly attract Him, dear Her with your smile
Time forgets days; twixt its before and after
Starry-eyed dreamers and Life reconcile

…teaching the reach of touch-greedy young lovers
Of He and She, Him and Her, Ma’am and Sir
Since Time’s beginning how yet to recover
From love’s sense of humor birthed by Him and Her

© Janet Martin

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