Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lord, Help Us See

Lord, help us view our day-to-day
Not through a lens of fret-and-fuss
But in its ordained come-what-may
Help us to see Your love for us

Lord, help us see beyond the glance
That fixates on what sight can rue
For life is more than circumstance
It is a gift of love from You

Lord, stir us to reverent awe
Jar our half-hearts of apathy
And wake in us Your sacred law
The law of love, Lord, help us see

© Janet Martin

What is inspired this? a few bits and pieces over that last # of hours.

Last night I invited Rob and Emily over for supper because Melissa was home, and to watch the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees play ball. (yes, Jay's fever is running wild all over the place!!!) Our TV on the main floor is small and I mentioned how sometimes I think we should replace it but then I see pictures of refugees and it puts things in perspective really fast! 
Emily agreed how the fact that we can sit, sip coffee and cheer on our favorite teams suddenly fills us with awe as we think about what we easily take for granted...we love without second thought. 

Melissa left, she thought in time to get home for a good night's sleep. She got home at 3:00 a.m because someone ended their life under the train-car she was on...
I pray today that we may see the love God has for us no matter who or where we are, our circumstances do not define God's love for us...the love that caused Him to send His only Son, Jesus, to die, a once-for-all atonement for sin. This is the love that He offers us...


  1. Wow...some thoughts and happenings!
    Unreal ...can't help but think about your prayer the other evening...
    God moves in mysterious ways..

    1. yes, I thought I better be careful what I pray for;0
      and if we ask God to jar us to awareness of Him to be prepared for the unexpected.


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