Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Life's Hold...and The Hobbit-hole

After a year of praying, worrying, praying, God's answer to my prayer that Melissa finds a good friend in TO was answered. One of her friend's from here moved there yesterday... they found an apartment to share. Thank-you Jesus, for a day where you were so Present in the move, helping us in so many ways!
After unloading all their 'little stuff' while we waited for the furniture to arrive...
we took a stroll down-town to see what interests are close by...

  Before we left the girls had transformed this cubby into their 'living-room'.

and another corner into a dining-room!

We prayed together that God would fill their little place with His love and light and that the girl's truly sense His Presence and peace...because He is there when we (mom and dad) are not and sometimes its hard to let our 'little' loved ones learn to fly...

 They've dubbed their home The Hobbit-hole:)

Life holds within its cup of Must
So much we cannot know
But this we do if we so trust
God cares and loves us so

Life holds within its leap of faith
Much none can commandeer
But by the power of God’s grace
His peace releases fear

He is the Caretaker of us
His kind gaze does not laugh
Or pause, as we fumble and fuss
He pleads on our behalf

The havoc of sin’s consequence
Yields evil’s bitter fruit
The mercy of God’s providence
Makes possible life’s good

Life holds within its waning spawn
God’s ageless Majesty
His faithful Presence cheers us on
To this; eternity

© Janet Martin


  1. Replies
    1. it is just perfect for two little hobbits...such a good time we had trying to make it 'home-y':)

  2. Just calling it a hobbit hole transforms it from a small space into a cozy place.

    The words in Scripture "Be anxious for nothing..." presupposes that we will be and so we pray...and pray...and pray.

    1. Your comments are always thoughtful and insightful. thank-you so much for reading and for the thoughts your share.


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