Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Leaving September Behind...

September seems like a bit of a blur to me...sigh.
But a good sigh because the garden yielded bumper-crops resulting in
much summer preserved in jars waiting to be poured out
in purples, greens, reds and gold while
winter rages white and blue:)

While blue skies lolled over gold of mulled summer
And flowers unfolded their final hurrahs
Near fence-lines, swaddled in wild-grape vine ardor
September faded into The Thing That Was

While we laughed, gathering gifts from the garden
Drifting like busy bees from bloom to bloom
Hours harvested without pause or pardon
Present pinnacles to Past’s gossamer Tomb

While we were busy, near-dizzy with Duty
Learning the art of joy laced through with grief
Clocks gleaned the green sheen from hulled moment-beauty
Scattering summer in each petal and leaf

While, with honest glances we noticed tides shifting
While we pretended that we didn’t mind
Time strewed the yard with culled frigates soft-drifting
Leaving September and summer behind

© Janet Martin


  1. Your talent blows me away, Janet. You're pretty amazing. How did you achieve that foggy effect around the flowers? Or did it just happen, the way you poetry often does? :-)

    1. Hi Sasha,
      Happy Last Day of September! :>(...I am a little sorrowful to let go of this moody month which turned out to be 30 days of beauty as far as the weather goes!

      As for that picture,when I put my photos on the computer from my camera's memory-card they automatically go into Picasa. In Picasa there are many options to enhance photos, but the one I use most is called vignette where you can deepen or fade out the edges...lots of fun! The zinnias are still in fullest bloom here but we have a cold front moving through today so I hope to get out before the rain and simply enjoy.

      Thank-you as always, for your words of appreciation. They are encouraging!


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