Thursday, September 3, 2015

Laugh, Little Aylan, Laugh

Ann expresses what I am sure is most of our hearts today...
and we  pour out our hearts in prayers and tears!

Dear Aylan,
Ignored in your life,
Immortalized in your death

All down the streets of gold
Laugh at the feet of Jesus
Where you will never grow old
Oh, let your laughter sparkle
Oh, let your brown eyes dance
Oh, let your chin tilt up as God
Wipes your tears with His hands

Laugh, little Aylan, laugh
Let heaven's sheer, pure joy
Heal each sob of horror and hunger
Fear and sorrow, little boy
Sit at the banquet table
Run over celestial hills
Play forever with your brother
Where no teardrop spills

Laugh, little Aylan, laugh
For you will weep no more
Safe in the arms of Jesus 
Far from death's cold, friendless shore
Now you are loved like we should have
...We stare at a photograph
Shouldering sorrow, guilt and shame
Laugh, little Aylan, laugh 

Janet Martin

In memory of every little child who never knew laughter...

How can we look at our children and not want to help the hundreds of thousands of those still among us like Aylan?!


  1. Heartbreaking . Thanks for this reminder to always reach out.

  2. Thank-you for your comment...just imagine if we all did reach out, how possible the impossible could be?!


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