Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It Is September, Love

You know that Thing we just started; well, we’re halfway through…September!
Happy Half-way Day to you;-)

That place of purple morning-mist
And blue-gold afternoon
Where tousled garden-paths untwist
A poet’s Brigadoon
That grace of summer not quite spent
And winter not quite near
Of white and azure gilded tent
Atop earth’s windswept pier
That room of bloom and soft-strummed leaf
And cricket minuet
That paradise of harvest-sheaf
And petal pirouette
A sanguine spark before the dark
Of early late-day dusk
A world of stragglers in time’s park
Heady with plum-sweet musk
That place of Holding’s letting go
Of laughter’s treasure-trove
Runs through our touch like sunbeam snow
It is September, love

© Janet Martin


  1. September ushers in my favorite month, my favorite season. Beautiful.

  2. me too:) well, one of my favorite seasons...it's really hard to choose a favorite season here in Ontario because our summers are not quite as long and scorching as yours and spring is amazing and winter is...long and cold but I like to read and write and bake and play scrabble and drink tea and do decorating projects, so winter is okay too!

  3. This poem really touched me. I love the start of Fall, and you have painted a masterpiece. Also, that second photo is stunning, where was it taken?

    1. thank-you so much Sara! I love the beginning of fall too...it's as if nature's overture before the curtain rises...This photo was taken right across the road a few evenings ago. I hopped on my bike for a quick ride before dark and as I looked back to check for traffic this 'frame' brought me to a dead stop!


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