Monday, September 7, 2015

In Praise of Work...Happy Labor Day

Work makes us weary
Oh, but work makes us wise
And fits in the fingers
Of most any size

Work is a blessing
Though sometimes it feels
Like survival’s albatross
Biting our heels

Work is a wonder-full
Wonderful thing
Work makes time worthwhile
And work makes time sing

Work builds a nation
Out of wilderness-stubble
Work is the laughter
In life’s minor trouble

Work is the hub
Of earth’s wheel that God turns
Pity the one
Who its provision spurns

Work is a cure
Idleness, a curse
No matter its title
Work gives a man worth

Pray to God daily
That we do not shirk
The beautiful, beautiful
Blessing of work

© Janet Martin

If you have a job
Thank God for it! 

Have you ever asked a small child to help you? 
Have you noticed how happy and important it makes them feel? 
We are not so much different, are we?:)

My heart aches and breaks for the millions who would give anything and everything just to get up in the morning and go to work!

Work gives us something that a holiday never will!
A holiday is special, only if we have work to return to.

Crank this tune up to celebrate work!!


  1. Janet, perfect song for your post and for today. Wish I could say it in words as appropriate as yours, but work--both a job and actually doing work--is such a blessing. And yes, so many would be so happy to have a job.

    Your dear sous chefs are very good workers!

  2. :-)) those little chefs are the boys I babysit and yes. they love nothing better than when i say That I have some work I need help with...esp. 'kitchen work'. i keep teasing them that I'm giving them practice for their 'their-last-name- bros. grill' that I'm sure they'll open when they grow up!

    One of our friends lost his job, a really good job, after working for the company for 25 years! His wife told me holidays are not quite so thrilling this year because the thing that made them special is gone!

    Sure does make one appreciate what we tend to take for granted or maybe even grumble about sometimes.

    Dewena, thank-you for your kind words!


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