Thursday, September 24, 2015

If Time Stood Still...

Sometimes I'm tempted to wish time would stand still when the late flower-blooms are as perfect as the flawless sky,

...or on days like this when, as the weatherman said, 'the calendar says fall but the thermometer says summer' 

If Time stood still then we would never meet again; Farewell
Would be a deafening and never-ending tolling knell
Hello would slip from lips without a skip-a- heartbeat thrill
And we would cherish nothing, oh my love, if time stood still

If Time stood still then we would weary of even love’s best
Our laughter would be empty, void of joy or sorrow’s zest
This hunger that we toy with would wail, stripped of hope to fill
Its ill with something better, oh my love, if Time stood still

If Time stood still the lifeblood of daydreams would ebb away
Darling, there would be nothing to live for but yesterday
As we would mourn the loss of haste where wide-eyed seasons spill
And life would be a wasteland, oh my love, if Time stood still

© Janet Martin

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