Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How Nearly Then...


When twilight folds the beaming sky
Into a vesper-lullaby
When heaven bends to kiss earth’s sweep
Of green and gold with dusk and sleep
When all the colors of the day
Are tucked ‘neath blankets black and gray
And all the noise of girls and boys
Succumbs to dreamland's surreal joys
When toil and trade are put on hold
To pause beneath acres of old
And we are deep and humbly stirred
To breathe a prayer devoid of word
When we with humble gratitude
Are privy to such magnitude
How nearly then both men and sod
Are lifted to Heaven and God

© Janet Martin


  1. amazing!! love of nature and of eternity to behold..................

    1. God's handiwork moves us to awe like nothing else can! a holy wonder!


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