Thursday, September 24, 2015

For First Fall...

Red sweeps away summer; kindles the hill
It seeps through passers who pause and stand still
Red runs restless fingers through coppice-tress
Undoing the buttons of summer’s dress
And where we raved at the green of its gown
Red raids the tree and turns it upside down

Red ravishes bushes, its brush burns, bold
And splatters gardens with tatters of gold
The silk haze of daisy days dissipates
It glazes webbed gossamer gilding gates
The birth of death’s season shrouded in red
Veils the breath standing twixt living and dead 

Red attracts dreamers; it seduces eyes
Charming spectators to summer’s demise
We gather, exclaim at the flame of farewell
That runs rampant, enchanting dune and dell
And we are betaken, bewitched it seems
Where death masquerades as a red bed of dreams

© Janet Martin

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