Thursday, September 3, 2015

But What Can We Really Do To Help?

But what can we really do that would help, asked Jim when we were talking about the crisis a few minutes ago…
I don’t know, I said, 
but what if we all looked into the mirrors and asked ourselves…

What can I do to help?
What if,
After our eyes were opened
Our ears heard their cries
And we would open
Our doors,
Jars of food,
What if we stretched out our dining-room tables
And cried
‘Come, eat’
What if we did with less
So they could have more?
What if we became uncomfortable
To bring them comfort?
Instead of reaching for our phones
What if we all reached out?
Instead of saying ‘I wish’
What if we said ‘I will’

What if we were serious when we ask
‘But what can I do’
And we would pray as if their lives
Depended upon it?

© Janet Martin

This article by Deidra Riggs at High Calling is very helpful in helping us who are asking 'how can I help?'


  1. Replies
    1. I'm so glad that God led me to the post by Deidra because I think so many of us want to help but don't quite know how or where!

  2. This is just beautiful, Janet.


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