Thursday, September 10, 2015

Before The Gaze of Rich and Poor...

The Earth is  the Lord's, and the fullness thereof;
The world and they that dwell therein. 

Before the gaze of rich and poor
God splays earth’s fields and hills
He touches meadow-land and moor
With what Providence wills
And no one can improve upon
The wonderment of Eden’s spawn

How very like a God of love
That still He deems it fit
To make His earth a treasure trove
Though mankind bullies it
Of Noah and man’s fallen ways

Time’s seasons will not fail
He gathers up each day with dusk
…pours dawn from heaven’s grail
And lavishes time’s tarnished slope
With morning-tide’s unfailing Hope

How pitiful this life would be
Without God’s encompassing love
He ravishes mortality
With earth and the fullness thereof
His laws, nature cannot resist
A new day rises from the mist

© Janet Martin

I returned from a silver dew-and-mist morning bike ride through God’s 'earth and the fullness thereof', but always, even as I marvel, the memory of these words haunt me.
They were spoken to a missions-team in Ecuador as they marveled at the beauty. One team member commented that ‘at least they(the wretchedly poor) live in awesome beauty’ and the tour guide replied, 
‘It is hard to see beauty when you are starving.’
Thus it is with most humble, grateful awe we without growling bellies dare to marvel.
Let’s open our hands so they can open their eyes!

Vandana’s story helped to inspire the poem as well. 
God does not withhold His best from the poor.

...and a favorite hymn set to more pics of Mercy's Handiwork.
The words to this Hymn are truly breath-taking!


  1. :) Thank you so much for you kind visit and a beautiful gesture. Humans were created by one god without any difference ,but we ourselves created the rift, I hope we all understand that everyone is equal.

  2. oh you are welcome! Yes, indeed we are all equal, born equally sinful with an equal need for the grace of God!


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