Sunday, November 24, 2013

Winter's Wonderland

Yesterday was a see-saw of flurries and sunny breaks all day long...

When winter wends her way to earth from regions far above
She decks the drab and ragged girth of hollow, hill and grove
And now the landscape beams once more; its robe of diamond-gem
Transforming nature’s stricken shore to glorious diadem

The laughter of each boy and girl is wafted on the wings
Of argent angel-canticle and Christmas whisperings
Up, up we look into the swirling, twirling filigree
And suddenly we too are whirling on earth’s starry sea

Softly she spreads her dazzling quilt across the country-side
Where green and gold of summer spilled before its evening-tide
Now we don hats and mittens; take our loved ones by the hand
As we all become children in a winter-wonderland

© Janet Martin

Why is it? Asked Matt yesterday after returning from scraping the ice off of the truck windows, ‘why is it that in the summer all we think about is the good things of winter?’
I told him my dad would say it’s the same reason we can look back to ‘the good old days’. We have a way of forgetting the unpleasantness.


  1. Hello, Janet :)

    Hope everyone is well! Every season brings its challenges, doesn't it? Matt's not alone... I was driving to work through snow flurries the other evening, thinking back to summer! Sorry to say, I have been away too long, Janet... but your poetry is just as beautiful as ever. Everything is drab November here... a thick dusting of snow would help everything look better, except the roads of course ;)

    I'll be back to visit soon!
    Until then, blessings to you & yours! Sincerely, Megan

  2. Hi Megan, You never need to apologize. Life is busy and we all understand how crazy it can get. I don't get out to blog-land much anymore but that is mostly due to very slow internet. The company that bought out the service we were with is having huge problems in our area and is asking for our patience. I have not quit blogging but that is because I can do housework while trying to post:)

    Yes, we are definitely 'enjoying';) winter here. Victoria danced out the lane this morning singing 'it's beginning to look a lot alike Christmas!'

    returning best wishes to you as well.


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