Wednesday, November 13, 2013


You are the poem I will never quit writing
For I cannot see you the way I long to
Miles fill the hollow between us, my darling
And are your eyes brown; are the green; are they blue?

The words to spell you have not yet been created
Rush of the wind and sun-sparkle of sea
Dew on the midnight and mist of the morning
Kilimanjaro as dusk bathes its lea

Sometimes I picture you having your coffee
Slipping from flip-flops to stroll on the beach
But over and over though I feel you near me
You are the poem still out of my reach

Sanguine of summer and sweep of the ocean
Whisper of wanting as I feel you sigh
Samurai sunsets and love in slow-motion
Willing your kisses to fall from the sky

You are the poem that keeps on inspiring
The hunt is the thrill of it; yes, it is true
Miles cannot keep hearts apart, oh my darling
Are your eyes brown; are they green; are they blue?

© Janet Martin

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