Friday, November 15, 2013

These are Night-thoughts...


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"These are night-thoughts; the daylight will wash them away".
 ~From Lark-rise to Candleford~

Charmed, I suppose by blue and rose
Of morning, noon and twilight brush
A cage of bone can hold its own
The heart a Brave in living’s rush
But then, oh then the midnight pen
Reveals what daylight washes far
When I am sage with age again
And never wondering where you are…

Spoiled, I guess, by love’s caress
I could ask for nothing more
The heart can hold both gray and gold
As daylight seals that private door
But oh, the night, when all is quiet
Unbars the gate of good intent
Before the day when soft I say
I never wonder where you went…

Yes, yes, I know, the ebb and flow
Of dawn to dusk to dawn must be
The thoughts that ride its moment-tide
Are at the mercy of its sea
And I am just a girl at heart
The night has no respect for years
Thought spills unhindered in the dark
That in the daylight disappears…



  1. I am truly certain that one day when you have become published and famous...I shall tell people...I knew her on line and read her beautiful poetry and communicated with her in messages. Yes, I know this will be what I say one have such a beautiful talent truly do!!!

  2. Oh Carrie, I'm sure I don't know what to say but thank-you. You are kind.

    My brother teases that if I live to a ripe old age and keep on simply blogging I will be the world's most prolific Unknown...

    I smile as I wonder what will be...

  3. Thank-you Anthony:) Yes, crazy what the daylight washes away, isn't it?...and what returns at night.


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