Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Momentum of a Moment

The momentum of a moment is a silent, subtle surge
It inspires tender love songs and our deepest, dearest dirge
And It tugs from seed the wonder of a hand we cannot see
Then enfolds again its splendor to earth’s season-deity

An intangible tsunami is this tiny tick and tock
As It pulses in a countdown from an impalpable clock
It’s as searing as those sorrows that our mouths can never tell
And It fills unfathomed eons in that gulf twixt heav’n and hell

The momentum of a moment is a gossamer eclipse
Of the present, past and future pausing briefly on our lips
As the silk of half-breath grandeur slips into the by and by
Soon we follow its meander to that place beyond the sky

The momentum of a moment melds the bitter with the sweet
A kaleidoscope of learning as life’s light and shadow meet
And it blends within its bearing both defeat and victories
Shaping in its brief way-faring the expanse of centuries

© Janet Martin


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