Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Cloud that Stirred the Sullen Sky is Gone...

The cloud that stirred the sullen sky
Is gone and where it touched the hill
The blue became so deep until
It brushed the little day awry

The leaf that scuttled o’er the park
Is tucked beneath a silver sash
The quiet night is all a-wash
With snowflake filament and dark

The moments we crushed in the wake
Of footprints scattered on the grass
Are sealed within an hourglass
That none can ever steal nor break

And all the woods are stark and bare
Where not so very long ago
We lay beneath the golden glow
Of autumn falling through our hair

The finger of fir tree and pine
Alone must strum the raven sky
And fill the night with lullaby
To taunt this summer heart of mine

© Janet Martin

It is so still save for a little whispering pine…


  1. :) so lovely comparisons of the past memories with the present:)

  2. Lovely, and I especially like the third verse.


  3. Thank-you Vandana ans Sue, I wrote this late last night while waiting for the slide-show to load in the previous post. Our internet is so slow I have to do housework while posting. I miss being able to read other blogs and leave a quick comment. I can do nothing quickly and the internet company says they are having a lot of trouble with our area...whatever that is worth:) Thank-you for stopping by and for your thoughts. much appreciated.


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