Friday, November 29, 2013

Still the Same Jesus

He loves us so; His truth transcends these corridors of earth
As angels told the shepherds in the hour of His birth
A Savior has been born to you and He is Christ the Lord
The Shepherds did not understand yet took them at their word
And hastened to the place to see this thing the angels said
Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in a manger bed

 I wonder if the angels came to me one silent night
Would I in haste forsake my post so that faith would be sight?
Or would indifference and unbelief cause me to scorn
The thought that the Messiah in a stable would be born?
The Shepherds did not question; when the multitude had gone
They said, let us go now and see this thing the Lord made known

He loves us so and did not seek a throne, this Son of God
This Holiest of Holies chose the lowliest of sod
The utter humbleness of Him who came to earth to die
Fills me with thoughts I cannot pen, though ever I may try
He loves us so; and fills with grace that debt we could not pay
With His own blood, the Son of God washed every guilt away

…and when I see the manger now and think on why He came
I tremble at the joy and peace we find in Jesus’ Name
For just as in the days of old He loves each one of us
The story that the angels told is still the same Jesus
God is not dead; oh, let our praises fill earth’s stricken slope
And let the Reason for this Season be our Living Hope

© Janet Martin

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