Monday, November 25, 2013


You smile and then the afternoon
Is but a sparkle in our thought
The twinkle of forget-me-not
Of lilac bloom and emerald June
Amalgamates with holly-hock
And golden-rod and milk-weed swoon
For nothing can escape the wheel
Affixing moments on its reel

…as summer’s lithe and buoyant breeze
Musters a deeper, darker tone
Mumbling in colors of a stone
Filling the air with stormy seas
And fantasies of things to come
A catalyst of memories
As leaf falls from the orchard where
We strolled as blossoms kissed the air

A child, splashing through innocence
And dandelion-fields and dreams
Could not evade your silent streams
And melodies of imminence
Soon stilled in retrospect’s requiems
Of battle and deliverance
The morrow spills its chalice to
Adorn some thought-wrought avenue

You smile and then another day
Climbs up into your winsome hold
The boy dreams wild, reckless and bold
Then wonders why his locks are gray
While seamlessly you fold, unfold
…Time, you are predator and prey
Pronounce-r of our days and years
You spin the thing that disappears

© Janet Martin

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