Monday, November 25, 2013

On Being the Youngest of Three Girls...

Blue hat, green scarf
Purple mittens, there she goes
I watch and chuckle at her style
In her sister’s cast-off clothes

Sister-sweaters, sister tops
‘Lucky’ her when sister shops
Nail-polish, perfume, jewelry
Slippers, purses…too many

Extra wallets, teddy-bears
Scarves and flowers for her hair
…what happens when you are half-grown?
You get big sister’s hand-me-downs

© Janet Martin

Victoria seldom/never complains but yesterday morning as we were trying to find a suitable top she stated, ‘Mom. Some of these clothes are so old I think they were old  from before Emily and Melissa’s days…’

As she headed out to school this morning I couldn't help but chuckle a little at her 'rain-bow' style. 

Guess who might be getting clothes for Christmas;)


  1. My mom has an older sister ~ about 10 years older. She used to get her hand-me-downs, and said most of the time, they were out of style before she could fit in them. I'm sure she could relate to Victoria :) Still, so sweet!

  2. I know I have some younger sisters who could relate as well:)


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