Thursday, November 28, 2013

Of Those Things We Say...or Forget To

We say, please put your things away
And, did you brush your teeth today?
And will you do ‘that chore’ this way
Like all the times I’ve shown you?
We say, ‘it’s going to snow again
And, will you bring the laundry in?
Or, try to do the best you can
And, who wants fried bologna?
We talk about all kinds of things
The news that life’s misfortune brings
The intricacy of heart-strings
Or mood of skies above you
But in our smattering of speech
As we debate, laugh, learn and teach
Will we, before day’s end is reached
Say and repeat, I love you,
I love you,
I love you too...

© Janet Martin

Tonight the ‘goodnight, I love you’s’ touched me a-new. There are some things that just do not grow old. Suddenly I recalled the above scene from The Waltons…although they do not 'say' I love you, you can hear it:)

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