Thursday, November 7, 2013

Of Hardships and Hope

Writer's Digest PAD challenge; Day 7
For today’s prompt, write a hardship poem. The hardship could be moving forward after a tragic loss, having to work through a difficult problem, or even just showing up to work. It can be serious, funny, or complicated.

Hardships harbored in the heart
are heavy, borne alone
The window to the soul downcast
and all its shutters drawn
But there is One who knows and cares
He holds us close within our prayers

Hardships hone and prove our faith
by how we learn to cope
And they are never greater
Than Love's anchoring of Hope
The One who suffered every grief
Helps us in our unbelief

Hope holds the cup that hardship drains
Faith fills it with our tears
We cannot see but yet we trust
One greater than our fears
This is the day the Lord has made
God, help us trust; not be afraid


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