Saturday, November 16, 2013

Of Half-things

'We are over half-way to Christmas!' announces Victoria as she counts down the days with beads...

Writer's Digest PAD Challenge 16

For today’s prompt, write a half-way poem. The poem might deal with a half-way point in time. Or perhaps, a place in the dead center of here and there–in a physical sense. Even a compromise on terms in a negotiation can work.

Who knows the home-stretch or that ether crux where
we can proclaim, we are half-way there?

Who can tell his half-number of days?
Or judge half a man simply by his age...

In half an hour we will be
closer to a finish-line we cannot see

Half-cups of coffee, half-smile, half-kiss
spawns desire to see what the other half is...

A half-poem crumpled on the floor
tells of an author looking for more...

Time is an intangible winnowing of air
Its half-breath whisper silvers the hair...

We must pursue life, not with half a heart
But taste every moment to its fullest part

Joy, sorrow, laughter, pain
The other half of sun is rain

Half-parted waters, half-answered prayer
Sometimes the waiting is a hard half to bear

Life is the door-way to eternity
where there is no 'half-accountability'...

Darling, let's be hungry for each other
like we can never get enough
because who is ever satisfied
with  'half-of-making-love'?


an old proverb that I grew up on...

What your hand finds to do
Do with your might
Things done by halves
Are never done right

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