Monday, November 11, 2013

November Sweet-song

Writer's Digest PAD Challenge; day 10

For today’s prompt, write a poem incorporating something sweet. Maybe a cake or pie. Possibly a candy bar or pixie stick (you know, that paper straw with delicious sugar inside–mmm). Or move it sweetly in another direction.

Sometimes in November
I keenly crave
The salt-sweet kiss
Of sun-sparkle bliss
In aquamarine wave

Sometimes in November
I lonesome-ly long
For the slow
Syrupy cadence
Of willow-sigh
And locust song

Sometimes in November
I patiently pine
For a mulled merlot
Of long ago
Summer-tinted wine

Sometimes in November
I quietly yearn
For what will be
What is
And what will
Never again return

© Janet Martin

 Sometimes in November I'm restless with reluctant realization that the sweetness of another year is nearly spent...


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