Sunday, November 10, 2013

November Beauti-tone

 Yes, even brown and bronze beneath blue-gray is beautiful...November's brooding beauti-tone.

Where once the painted hill had been
Of sumac red and evergreen
Of golden birch-leaf butterfly
A-glitter beneath sapphire sky
…and emerald-dew and clover-hue
Rushed out to where green brushes blue
November bleeds its beauty-tone
Of brown and bronze and cold, gray stone

The crimson crown of maple-crest
The gleaming gown of willow-wisp
The auburn and the amethyst
Of autumn noon and morning mist
Are gathered in a mixed bouquet
Of moments that are tossed away
The colors on the Painters tray
Are brown and bronze and granite-gray

Fair flowered frock falls from earth’s form
Beneath its sheaf the seed is warm
As sturdy smocks are buttoned tight
Across a girth prepared for white
Our gaze is drawn toward the plain
Where green of grass and gold of grain
Must wait beneath a somber gown
Of gray and bronze and brooding brown

© Janet Martin

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