Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Appears

November came whooshing in, in torrential down-pours and 90k/hr winds!

Writer's Digest PAD; Day 1, For today’s prompt, write an appearing poem.

After the harvest is gathered
After the tree sheds its tear
After its leaf-song is scattered
Over a landscape dull; drear
November appears

After sweet dog-days are squandered
In lemonade afternoons
And after the poet has wandered
Over its sun-shadow tunes…

After the twilight is hastened
Early toward stilly-deep
After the kissing of children
And stories and prayers ere they sleep

After the Margarets and Johnnys
All have out-grown last year’s shoes
And after the bee has its honey
And asters have crooned farewell blues

…after the spilling of roses
Follows the path of its peers
While ‘neath our feet a door closes
Over a graveyard of years
November appears

© Janet Martin  

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