Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life-gift or Hollow Token

 Writer's Digest PAD challenge: Day 17

For today’s prompt, write an element poem. Maybe an element from the periodic table (hydrogen, oxygen, etc.). Maybe an element of surprise?!? Or a missing element, which could refer to a person, tool, or poem. Run wild with it.

...yes, run wild with  it!
Tear the wrapping from this gift
Touch, taste, treasure its fine measure
Let its mercy-morsels sift
Through our bearing, reaching, sharing
Never daring to be slack
For this is a one-time wonder 
We can never have it back
 ...But remember, precious children
Without God we waste this dance
Empty as the hollow token
In a one-night stand romance



  1. A wonderful morsel of truth...yes, to love and enjoy this life fully is to be treasured, but living devoid of God is truly just a "hollow token". So well said. You nailed it, as always!

  2. thank-you. I know I've grabbed at hollow tokens, but oh, God is always faithful to forgive!


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