Monday, November 18, 2013

I Woke to Hear November's Wind...

I woke to hear November’s wind
Where night-scape sprawled silent and still
Yet noise tore at each leafless limb
With violent and unbending will petal- leaves were ushered, rushed
Beneath a giant, obscure broom
Like children by a mother, shushed
Toward an invisible room

…and how can sound, like a freight-train
Rumble with no distinctive source?
Rattling at every window-pane
A formless brute of fearsome force

It screams; a wild relentless wail
And no one can escape its wrath
Except the moon, round-faced and pale
Beaming to earth a silver path

© Janet Martin

We have had more power-outages in the past 8 months than we have in the past 8 years! Last night I stood in the dark and gazed out at the surreal-ness of shrieking wind over moonlit calm. The trees are bare and nothing seemed to move yet the house shook and rattled in its relentless force. 

Our hydro was restored this afternoon.:)

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