Saturday, November 23, 2013

I Shouldn't Be Here...

November PAD Challenge; day 13

For today’s prompt, write an “I shouldn’t be here” poem.

you do not throw a welcome mat for me to wipe my feet
I know I shouldn't be here but somehow it seems we meet
at the most unexpected times; I wish it wasn't so
You always leave me feeling like a masterpiece of woe...

You decorate the halls with doom and gloom and raw regret
and you like to remind me of those things I should forget
but in your disregard you spare no punches as your jeer
and bring me second helpings of your appetizer; fear

I really shouldn't be here, but I am against my will
You thrive beneath my faithless frown and ask, 'want a re-fill?'
Then every shameful failure sneers and rakes its claws of doubt
across my insecurities, ah, I want a way out

I cannot see an exit sign and its so dark in here
This room of 'what if's' has no window and no easy chair
Panic begins to set in; is there no other way?
But then I re-remember and close my eyes and pray


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