Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Like It Here...

I like it here among the cheer
Of pots and pans and such
Where love of family and friends
Fills everything we touch
I like the way the little day
Slips by on common wings
Yet in its wake it cannot take
Life’s deeply valued things

I like it here, seasons and years
Paint pictures on its wall
And though we cannot hang them up
The heart can hold them all
We draw them near; laughter and tear
A juxtaposed finesse
Of paint-chips, prayer, rooms in repair
And heaven-happiness

I like it here, home; simple, dear
A launching pad it seems
As to and fro we come, we go
Chasing life’s care and dreams
Yet at day’s end the highways bend
Toward its humble dome
A fortress of faith, hope and love
And precious home sweet home

© Janet Martin

Sometimes all one can do is laugh at how quickly living’s love-touches fill shiny sinks and ‘garnish’ carefully arranged vignettes…


  1. I like it there/here too! Lovely verse! :-)

  2. :) Thank-you. Sometimes I think I'm a home-body to a fault but...I like it here;)


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