Saturday, November 16, 2013

How Swift the Sparkling Day...

Wow, this day flew by...I was sure I was going to have some 'spare' time today,to get out and 'play' but the blue dusk fell too quickly.

How swift the day, the sparkling day
Has borne its rife ration away
And now the stars come out to play
In night’s ebony field
How soft the hour, the grappling hour
Returns to earth the dewy flow’r
And man can sense a potent pow’r
Within the clock concealed

The night, the stealthy night descends
And wraps the land in ether blends
Of blue on blue until it ends
In darkness, star-pinned black
A man, a man travels the span
Of dust to dust beneath the fan
Of dark to light to dark again
…there is no turning back

How soon, how soon the vanity
Of have and holding’s venery
Will still, like leaf beneath the tree
Or snowflake’s silent sleep
How swift the day and darkness fade
How quickly Time’s pittance is paid
The measure of its moments weighed
In that supernal deep

© Janet Martin

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