Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Filling Want's Pockets

Now, let’s be done with the vain mongering
Of fear and doubt, of greed and despair
Time, like a river that falls through the air
To our outstretched arms, stirs a hungering
For its gentler beauties that cannot be owned
Or stolen by those who are thirsty for things
We all would feel like the richest of kings
Fear, doubt, despair would be softly dethroned
If in-between toil’s quotidian rod
We would determine to follow our feet
Into dusk's lane-way or mid-meadow street
Eager for nothing but cadence of sod
Time is so eager to shuck harvest's sheaf
Tucking to nothing each bud-let and leaf

Now, let’s be done with oppression of guilt
Once and for all our dear Savior died
Knowing that we were sinful, cursed with pride
Over Time’s eons Love’s redemption spilt
And we should have time now, for nothing but Love
Oh, who can say, I have no need of it?
And Time never pauses so we must, to sit
Beneath the awning of heaven above
Tilting our faces, up, up, feel the kiss
Of autumnal farewell, bold, bully-blue
Life’s best of things are not uncommon, new
But ageless and free as lost Eden’s first bliss
Earth’s Gilead suffers long ‘neath our haste
We should slow down and remember to taste

Oh, taste and see that the Lord God is good
Pity the one who despises the truth
Lavishing venom of lust; vile, uncouth
Over a void of Love misunderstood
Now, let’s be done with our anger and hate
Render them, down on an altar of grass
Kneel where the whisper of season-songs pass
Beneath atonement from heavenly gate
Soon Time will solve our quibble and quarrel
Life is too short to be hobbled by things
We should be awed by nature’s offerings
Silver of dew-gem on jade petal-pearl 
Wealth spilling from every seed, bud and limb
Filling want’s pockets with wonders of Him

© Janet Martin

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