Thursday, November 14, 2013


For today’s prompt, write an exploration poem. Maybe you’re exploring a new land, the depths of quarks, outer space, the mind, the soul, etc. Your call. In fact, it could be said that most poems are an exploration of one sort or another. So get at it.

Sometimes it is not enough
To search your eyes behind closed doors
Sometimes I need to touch, taste, feel
The moment- melody that pours
Tossing in disarray the leaf
Or teasing tender grass with frost
And then my little unbelief
Repents; Belief returns full force...

The exploration of Your thought
Has no beginning and no end
Beneath dusk’s painted skies, my God
I know I’ll never comprehend
The fullness of Your wonderment
No one can claim Your highest praise
For who has ever touched the tent
Vaulting above man’s meager days

…and who has placed their wooded jot
Of tree against the evening air
Or spoken to fruition, thought
To explore You, God; who can dare
Then place their trust in lowly dust?
Ah, sometimes it is not enough
To search your eyes behind closed doors
Sometimes I need to touch Your Love…

© Janet Martin

“Look, oh look at the beauty of it” I begged her to take her eyes off of the gadget in her grasp. “Look at the way the light falls, outlining every tree in gold; look at the vivid shades of Creation! Who, on their own could dream such beauty? Oh, what an honor to be called to serve such a God as this.”

 Last night and this morning beneath the big sky the words of David whispered to me, 'when I consider the heavens....what is man that you visit him?



  1. Yes, drawing closer and feeling His love...the cure. I love, love that photo of the tree shadows! That is so cool. And did you get snow again? So pretty. =)

  2. That tree shot is one of those very rare mornings! every single creation was transform by a touch of frost!

    We did get snow again, though it is melting a little this afternoon; it's been very cold here.


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