Friday, November 1, 2013

Before and After

My thought-life was divided in two for such a long time; ‘before the wedding’ and ‘after the wedding’. Thus, I find myself looking for new before’s and touching softly the long ‘ever-afters’

…and now I wonder; what hidden ‘before’
Lurks in the hours that fall
The ‘after you’ of many a love
Has no ending point at all
But the ‘before’ is a breath-by-breath race
To unknowns that we cannot tell
I have known pinnacles in love’s embrace
And loneliness akin to hell
Thus expectation divides my intent
‘befores’ are an intricate thing
It is the path leading to the advent
Of what ‘ever-after’ will bring
Synchronized free-fall of heart-ache and laughter
Caught in the middle of ‘Before’ and ‘After’

© Janet Martin

I chuckled the other day as I watched my daughter’s impatience; her eagerness to get everything in place, her dreams of ‘their place’ and I wanted to say, oh, my precious, you’re gonna miss this!’
so, I take a slow walk around the house and whisper, 'mom, you're gonna miss this'

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  1. Synchronising ache and laughter the perfect thing to achieve balance:-)


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